Some Genius Has Recreated Gerry Adams' Tweets In Microsoft Paint


This is a thing of beauty.

"I really like grammar. And spelling. I was a spelling-bee kid. I’m hard-core about grammar."

got a caramel latte cooler in costa today it was much needed in that heat

I now have to go to work where the ovens will have been on all day and I’m going to melt

talking to one of my college friends and the conversation has gone from the thesis he’s doing this year (and I am doing when I return), to how attractive Dougie Poynter is, to how great their music is and now I’m explaining that above the noise as an album was basically not a fun time


We’ve all had our moments where we’re either Jake or Finn

my mam was trying to remember the name of a tv show and it was king of queens but it took me three goes to get it right because i kept going to say kings and queers kingsandqueers

What advice would you give to aspiring young musicians?


Effective on all varieties of jellyfish [x]

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